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Domestic Returns






You do not need to worry if you change your mind or would like to try another size/colour/fit :

Customers in UNITED STATES, CANADA, GERMANY, FRANCE, SPAINITALY, the NETHERLANDS and SWEDEN may return their unwanted items that comply with our Return policy to our partner local returns centres in those countries.

That means :

- No expensive international postage. Only domestic rates.

- Quicker delivery to us and quicker refund to you.

- For customers from US and Canada - no hassle with the obligatory customs declaration.


Location of our partner returns centres:

  •  United States - New Jersey
  •  Canada - Ontario
  •  Germany - Saxony
  •  France - Haute-Garonne
  •  Spain - Malaga
  •  Italy - Milan
  •  the Netherlands  - Overijssel
  •  Sweden  - Uppsala


Please contact us if you wish to return your item. We will reply with specific instructions and address for your local returns centre

More instructions on how to return your item here.




As straightforward as it can be - there are no additional addresses that you need to get from us - just send back your item that complies with our Return Policy to our main business address in Staffordshire:


Kontri Ltd.

49 Hevea Road

Burton-on-Trent UK

DE13 0SH

Please contact us first before you send anything. More instructions on how to return your item here.