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Bra types



One of the most popular bra types. As the name itself suggests, push-up bras lift and gather the breast together in order to achieve the effect of a fuller bosom. Cups in that type of bra have extra padding (either removable or integrated with the cup) that is located at a special angle. Thanks to that padding (made from various materials like - silicone, gel, sponge) the bra is able to push even smaller breasts up creating a more youthful and/or sexy appearance.      

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The main feature of a balcononette are the low cups that allow you to wear fairly low cut clothing and expose the upper part of the breast. The padding is located at the bottom part of the cups and lifts the breast straight up which creates the effect of a fuller bosom. The bra straps in this model are set quite wide apart. Balcony bras often have a silicone strap that makes them perfect to wear strapless (the bra stays in place and doesn’t slip down).    

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This model is perfect for women with bigger breasts, who value comfort. Non-paded bras are usually made from materials such as lace, embroidered tulle, microfibre (often from see-through and more breathable fabrics) and have no padding. Bras of this type can be either underwired or non-wired. Materials of different elasticity used in that model allow it to give enough support for the breast.

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This type of bra has thickened lining in the cups, so that the nipple is not visible through the cup. Padded bras support the breasts but, unlike push-up bras, are not intended to significantly increase cleavage. The padding can be light, medium or heavy (the enhancing effect on breast depends on the padding). It’s location can be built-up along the bottom of the cup, along the sides of the cup, or evenly around the insides of a cup.    

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This type of bra combines the feature of padded and soft bras- the bottom part of the cup has a thicker lining while the the upper part of the cup is soft (often made from lace or see-through embroidered or mesh material). This bra gathers the breast together (ideal for bigger breast) and provides good support. The cups often come with additional padding that creates the effect of a fuller bosom in smaller cups sizes.

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Sometimes referred to as a cup-less, open-cup, half-bra, or even quarter-cup bra. This model is underwired and offers minimal breast coverage, pushing the breast upward, and leaving the nipple and areola uncovered. Suitable for erotic purposes.

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Many bra types described above are also underwired and feature a thin, semi-circular strip of rigid material (metal or plastic) that helps support the breast. Thanks to the wiring less weight has to be supported with the straps by the shoulders. It is sewn into the bra fabric and under each cup, from the centre gore to under the wearer's armpit.